Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Feature

Boyce Avenue
Based out of Florida, three brothers started a band in 2004. With strong acoustic capabilities and a rock/ pop sound they took to the air and self produced original and covers for the youtube audience.

I found this band a couple years ago while flipping around on youtube. There was a cover of a song I liked and I thought the singer was amazing so I've followed the band since then.

Well they are now signed, to Universal Republic and have toured through Europe,the Philippines and the USA and released a couple of albums. They have a couple videos on their website and more on youtube. If you haven't already seen/heard this band you are missing out on some really great music.

Touring Australia in late August and the USA/Canada in September and October. You should check out their site, listed below for more details.

Facebook page:

Official website:

What new bands do you like?

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