Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Feature

Boyce Avenue
Based out of Florida, three brothers started a band in 2004. With strong acoustic capabilities and a rock/ pop sound they took to the air and self produced original and covers for the youtube audience.

I found this band a couple years ago while flipping around on youtube. There was a cover of a song I liked and I thought the singer was amazing so I've followed the band since then.

Well they are now signed, to Universal Republic and have toured through Europe,the Philippines and the USA and released a couple of albums. They have a couple videos on their website and more on youtube. If you haven't already seen/heard this band you are missing out on some really great music.

Touring Australia in late August and the USA/Canada in September and October. You should check out their site, listed below for more details.

Facebook page:

Official website:

What new bands do you like?

Monday, July 18, 2011

Writing Memories

So I love to write. It is definitely one of those things that I can and have spent hours doing. I write stories, short ones, and novel length, fiction and real. Today lets talk about the real ones.

A couple of years ago I started writing my history. Stories of my children's births (PG versions), my gardens, family vacations, memories of my childhood, and all that jazz. I cherish each of these stories. I love that they will live on for my great-great-great grandchildren as they zip around in hover cars and visit the moon, they'll read about our road trip to Cali with a carsick four-year-old.  :)

Why did I start writing these? It all stats with a book, as most great things do, called "The Happiness Project" by Gretchen Rubin. Read it, I loved it, you will too. (remember Reading Rainbow?)   :) Click here to go to the Goodreads page.

She had this part about being a treasure house of memories and I adore that idea. My idea was to create a mini journal focusing on the little cute and crazy things my kids do and say. I don't want to forget all those little things that really make up our day to day life.

That's just one of the things I do to write in a different way and to stretch myself. Want do you do in writing or memory keeping?

Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday Feature

 Today's spotlight is Merrady.

       A friend of mine who has an amazing voice. She is currently located in Long Beach so if  you live around there go see her live at Que Sera. You will love it. She has a smokey-smooth glam, folk sound.
       You can find more information about her music on facebook here and her website here. But this is the link to her youtube stuff:

I personally like her song "Waves."

So go on, check her out.  :)

Thursday, July 14, 2011


So I am way behind on this one, but have you heard of the website Pinterest?
     Well I discovered it about a month ago and I think it's safe to say I am obsessed. I love to look through the pictures and click through the links. There is so much out there that I don't have time to find for myself, and someone else finding it for me is beautiful. Okay most of it I wasn't actually looking for, but now that I know it's out there. . .
So what is Pinterest? On the site it says "A place to catalogue the things you love." And I'll tell you, there are a lot of things people love. You can spend hours on there, if you aren't careful. My favorite tabs are Art + Architecture, Travel, Food + Drink, Design, and Home + Furniture. That sounds like a lot but there are plenty of other categories. Here are some of the things/ ideas I get from scrolling those pages:
Bacon cup salad. How have I never thought of this? Brilliant!   :)
Old door turned into a headboard. This may be child 2's headboard soon. What a great idea.

I love quotes. A lot. This one is so sweet.

This is a easy sew dress. I followed the link and learned how to make it. But that's a post for another day.
Inspiration for the garden. Wouldn't a path like that be lovely?

And Last:

An easy craft to do with the kiddos, and look at that. It's a book mark! ooh, let's go read. :)

FYI: there are sometimes risque pics posted on the site, be aware.

Could I have lived without Pinterest? Yes. But I love all the ideas it's given me. I have folders of places my characters should go, photos of what they might look like. Things that I can do and places I want to see with my family. Lesser known waterfalls to hike to, and food to try out.  I like trying new things and this is just one way to learn what's out there.
So, what sites do you like? What makes you want to go back and see what's new?

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


So for an online critique group I am part of, we have to submit our next pages today. I thought I would go over how I critique, as there are differing views on the subject. I'm pulling these guidelines from a conference I went to and feel like they sum it all up nicely, so here goes. . .

First: The purpose is to share encouragement, insight and useful suggestions. To improve our understanding of the writing process--and to improve our finished work. Specifically, a critique session might help the author see how future reader might 'see' the story/characters. The goal of a critique session IS NOT to criticize or belittle another person's work or them as a person.

To the AuthorYou are the final authority on your story. The critiques are suggestions that you can incorporate or ignore as you see best. Writing is HIGHLY subjective, if someone doesn't like your work it doesn't mean everyone will feel the same way. Do not argue with the person giving a critique, you asked for their opinion.

To the Critiquers: Begin with praise. Helps soften the blows.  :) Start sentences with I. . ."I was unclear about... Encourage the writer, like: "I really like the setting, I would like to hear more about it." Remember that any comments you write are taken seriously, so be careful, thoughtful, and kind. Balance your remarks, tell what worked and you liked as well as the places that need work and bothers you. Fell free to line edit, but make the marks clear enough to be noticed by the author.

How do you critique? How much of others comments do you incorporate? Do you write a first draft then critique or wait until you have revised over and over before letting others review it? I would love to hear other's processes.

Happy writing!!

Sunday, July 3, 2011


So the winner of Wolves, Boys,and Other Things That Might Kill Me is. . .

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Thanks to everyone who played along in June. Come back by, there will be other contests and lots of fun/interesting things to see, hear, love, try at home, etc. . .

As always check out she's got some great things going on over there  :) 

Saturday, July 2, 2011


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Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday Feature


Yes this is the same band that wrote/sang 'that song on the twilight soundtrack'. but they are WAY more than that.
They are a band based in TN and have been out and about since 2004. They have won many awards over the years including Favorite Rock Band 2010 and 2011 from People's choice and have had three Grammy nominations.
Described as emo or pop punk they make a great pick me up, and have a very honnest sound. And yes, I love those STRONG female leads. So if you haven't already or you need to procrastinate doing something else, click on the following links and check them out. You won't be sorry.  :)

This is the link to their website:

This is DECODE (that Twilight song):