Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday Feature


Yes this is the same band that wrote/sang 'that song on the twilight soundtrack'. but they are WAY more than that.
They are a band based in TN and have been out and about since 2004. They have won many awards over the years including Favorite Rock Band 2010 and 2011 from People's choice and have had three Grammy nominations.
Described as emo or pop punk they make a great pick me up, and have a very honnest sound. And yes, I love those STRONG female leads. So if you haven't already or you need to procrastinate doing something else, click on the following links and check them out. You won't be sorry.  :)

This is the link to their website:

This is DECODE (that Twilight song):


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Donna K. Weaver said...

Love that video to The Only Exception. Thanks for sharing that.