Thursday, August 25, 2011

Its all in the name...

 I know I have been a lazy blogger lately and have had no interesting and exciting things going on over the last few weeks. Whoever said that the lazy days of summer actually allow you to be lazy was lying! Gearing up for school and getting schedules hammered out takes a lot of time.  :) Hopefully the schedules will hold strong and my little carved out time for writing/blogging will be there more than hit and miss.

So I have been thinking, where do you find time to write? Are you a late night person or and early riser? Do you cut chunks here and there all day, or save it all up for the weekend? Does your writing time fluctuate with the seasons?

Well, I have been reading (Usually VERY late at night with a one year old who is unfortunatly wide awake playing) and I thought I would share,
The first three are all second or third books so if you read them be sure to pick up the first ones and read them, well, first. . . okay. That was probably obvious. . . Well, here we go!

 And this one is one you can read right away. My only thing with it was that it isn't written in first person present like I am used to reading, so my slow brain had a hard time following the conversations at first, but I caught on and loved it!

I also went and saw The Help. Read the book forever ago and loved it--the movie stuck very closely to the story of the book so I was happy with that.  :) Great casting. It was nice to see it played out just like it played in my head while reading it.
So, with all the books to movies that happens, What other books do you think would make a great movie? Or, what book to movie are you most excited to see that it already in the works?

Thursday, August 11, 2011


My sister recently started a book blog: Go on over and check her out, then follow!

 She reads more books than anyone I know particularly in the paranormal YA section but does read outside that genre on occasion. She reviews books and has a list of her Goodreads 'read' pile listed on the blog so you can peruse through those for some interesting books to put on your 'to-read' list!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday Feature

Brand New
Formed in Long Island, New York in 2000 this band of four had released four albums. And currently signed with Interscope records.
Often described as alternative rock, emo, or indie. They truly have their own sound which improves with each album they release.

I love a lot of their songs but here are the youtube links to two of them.
 The first is The Quiet Things No One Ever Knows:

The second is Sic Transit Gloria... Glory Fades:

This is Brand New's website. It is not finished yet though so check back to see  the finished product including album info and tour dates and places.