Thursday, May 19, 2011

What I'm all about

I thought that today I'd share a little bit about me, random facts I'm sure everyone is just dying (not :) ) to know. So here goes...

     I am the Proud mama of three amazing little girlie's, and the happy wife of one very creative, handy hubby.

     Lover of all things vintage. Houses, jewelry, clothes etc... beautiful.

     I LOVE the color green, in every shade, painted on walls, furniture whatever. The more green the merrier.

     I love to craft. By that I mean everything. I build furniture, paint everything that I can. I sew quilts & backyard tents. I decorate and redecorate rooms, put together scrapbooks, paint art and take photos. I love doing flowers for weddings and cakes too. But I have recently fallen in love with writing. That is my newest and most loved craft.

     I write Young Adult, paranormal mostly but some contemporary. My mom and I write together. We both brainstorm a bunch of ideas together and one of us will take the lead and write it all the way through. Along the way the other critiques, adds scenes and drops things that don't work. I love this process and I feel like I have grown so much as a writer with her help.

    So there is a small smattering of me. What are you all about? How does it affect your writing?

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Canda said...

So I really like the color yellow--apparently I use it to describe anything happy in my books.