Saturday, May 14, 2011

~LDStorymakers Wrap Up~


WOW would be an understatement. I went to the annual conference again this year, my second time, and once again I came home blown away. The classes are amazing. If you have never gone, plan now, save all your pennies and get a sitter and you'll be so :) you did. If you have been before you know the mind blowing intense, influx of information, fun and people.

I went to a class about using social media and I thought, huh. I'm on Facebook, but I'm not on Twitter and I don't have a blog. huh. Before you shuffle off to Twitter to join my flock on there, I'm steps people. Maybe I'll be in denial about my time again at a later date but today is not the day. Yesterday I started this blog, and after a whopping-ly successful day I'm feeling pretty good about it.

Another class I went to was on pacing by Josi Killpack. How to speed your manuscript up or down and why you should. All week since that class every show and movie I watch I think about their pacing and I have to say that that last Harry Potter was a little to fast as far as the pacing went in my opinion. But hey that's just me.  I will be looking through my manuscript and adjusting like crazy for a few weeks.

There were many more classes and amazing presenters and I will have lots and lots of editing to do and I am excited to have all this information now to make my stories better from the beginning. I was so happy to meet some new people and finally meet in person some of the people I only knew from their blogs and online critique groups. Here's looking forward to working hard this year and to conference next year.


James Duckett said...

I agree, LDS Story Makers blew me away as well. I didn't expect half as much as I got out of it.

Canda said...

Last year, I took so much in that I didn't write for several weeks! I decided this year I would just sit and write something to get over it. There is definitely enough in my notes to keep me busy until next year's conference.

Betsy Love said...

This was my first year attending. I felt so overwhelmed by it all. I'm glad I went. I learned so, so much! Now I'm putting that knowledge to the test and find I'm coming away a stronger writer. Thanks, too for all the great posts, not only about the conference, but also tidbits and advice on writing.