Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Here's to pretty pictures!

   So when I write I need visual and auditory inspiration. I look through iTunes and build play lists for each story and sometimes for a certain character. You know, 'What would________listen to?' I like to find pictures of random people to represent my characters and I find gardens, shops and houses that they would live in or walk by. Then I group it all in a folder for that manuscript or character and look through it while listening to my playlists. It really helps me get into the story and POV character's head. So here is a super small sampling of my inspiration photos.
   * FYI--- I did not take any of these beautiful photos I swap them all from random google searches.

pretty living rooms...

outdoor seating

comfy kitchen

sweet little girls room

oxford garden~ great meeting place! :)


another one (love her hair cut)

the mom

the Heartthrob

I hope you enjoyed a little of my inspiration pics. How do you get into your character's head?


Lee said...

Love the pictures. I haven't really thought about your concept of having different images and playlists for your novel. It's a good idea, though. Dibs on Nathan Fillion.....

Canda said...

I'd live to sit in that garden all day--I'm sure I'd be inspired!

Cathy Witbeck said...

Anita Stansfield does this with her characters too. It's a great way to narrow down their features.