Wednesday, April 15, 2015

7 ways to CONNECT with your spouse

1 Daily Contact  No matter the type of touch, kiss, holding hands, back or foot rub, make it last for at least 30 seconds. — humans NEED physical contact, it's one of our most basic needs! 

2 Express Gratitude  Think of things your spouse does for you, whether big or small though out the day, an expression of GRATITUDE is always appreciated. 

3 Create Memories Together It's important to try new things together and even ways to show affection. It doesn't need to be dramatic, maybe a simple gesture or time always reserved for each other--the first 10 minutes of the morning. You'll be able to look back fondly on the moments you share together.

4 Really Listen You may know each other really well but if you take the time to REALLY listen--even when you're mad, you'll have opportunities to learn a little more.  Try asking questions to clarify what you heard, or repeat back to assure you heard correctly. This helps ease conflicts. 

5 Share a Laugh Life is hard sometimes; it helps to remember to keep a good sense of humor. Being able to lighten the mood and have a GOOD attitude helps the whole house feel lighter and any situation bot so bad.

6 Flirt You’re married now, but you need to KEEP dating. Wear something special; go to a place you love together. Keeping the spark alive is easier than rekindling one. Give each other complements and make out in the car. J

7 Unplug Taking time to switch off electronics and REALLY spending time together face to face with no distractions shows your respect and love for the people you’re with. On dates, running errands, vacations, turn electronics off and be WITH those you are with.

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