Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Author Spotlight

 Kristen Chandler

If you haven't yet read a book by Kristen get to it! I have had the opportunity to meet Kristen a few times and she's a welcoming, open person with an outgoing personality. The kind of person who can pick up a conversation with anyone, and has a great laugh.

Her books aren't the typical YA fare, The wolves are just that-wolves and in girls don't fly, it's true. They don't. So without the norm YA paranormal/fantasy thing how do they keep your attention?

They are well written, the pacing keeps you going and the characters are completely lovable. I like that you can tell she researches the topics and you actually learn a few things along the course of the story. They are clean reads which I can appreciate and recommend with out worry.
Click on the links to purchase her books, and to visit her website!


Canda said...

One of my favorite authors. Love her first book. The second one is on my to-read list.

Donna K. Weaver said...

Oh, I've got her Wolves book on my to-read list.

Lynnea (LaLa) said...

I love her!!!! Such fun books and a great personality!