Saturday, October 19, 2013

Week Round Up

We are still deciding on Halloween costumes at our house, always last minute decisions here. Canda and I just got our first book back from the editor and we are going through reading and changing and rebuilding our story--you'll love it once it's out but I'm a little biased. :) Here's what I looked though online this week:

Oreo Cookies are addictive, new research finds. Yeah we all already knew that but there's a study on it now.

Bridal Fashion is turning back to color, not a new trend, but would you wear a colored frock for your big day? Looks fun to me!

The 2014 World Cup Qualifiers aren't over yet but there's already a simulator you can see how teams may potentially be matched up in Brazil this coming June.

Ever been to Burning Man? One first timer talks about the Temp City's Leave no Trace policy.

Indoor Play ideas that look great too!

Marriage is work! Here's the marriage advice from couples via Reader's Digest

Love to read? Here's a hotel with No TV's, Radios or Telephones in the rooms, and they are all decorated to fit a different author's work. Shakespeare, Tolkien, Agatha Christie, even Dr. Seuss and JK Rowling. come to relax and read, would you?

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