Monday, September 30, 2013

Pinterest For Writers

I love Pinterest and I know that I'm definitely not the only one who spend a few minutes (hours) on the site each week. A healthy handful of my blog views are referred from the site each week as well. So how does writing and pinterest go together? Here are a couple writing pinners that I follow:

Social Marketing Writing
This pinner has a few boards that I like better than others are I feel are more applicable than others to writers/writing such as Social Media Tips and  Marketing Tips 
To follow them click here:

Writing Soul
This pinner has a board called Writing Life. It has inspiration, writing prompts and quotes all posted conveniently in one place. Another board I like is Poetic Notions and while I personally do not write poetry, I do like to read it and learn about it.
To follow them click here:

This last pinner has a few boards all specific to the craft. Personal writing, education, books to read and even homeschooling ideas. One board I like is called Grammar It only has a few pins but a couple are funny and there's an info-graphic that covers common grammar mistakes. Another is called Writing It has prompts, cheat sheets and ways to help children in their own stories.
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What pinners do you follow to improve your own craft?

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