Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Giving it Another Go

     A year and a half ago I bought a book from Amazon and read it from my Kindle app for my phone. I hated it. reading from my phone, not the book, the book was great. But I decided then and there I was NOT an e reader kinda gal. I scoffed at my mom and sister reading books on their Kindles and iPads. I thought no, that will never be me.
     So about two months ago my husband and I were going on a family trip and try as might, I couldn't get all the books I wanted to take to fit in my luggage. My mom suggested I borrow her Kindle and the rest is history. I love it now! I have read many of the books she had loaded onto already and I look forward to borrowing from my sister next! I guess its true, never say never. :)

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