Monday, October 1, 2012

Fall Wreath

I'm starting to want cooler temps, cardigans, boots and pumpkin cookies. How about you?

This is the first year I've put a wreath on our door. I guess I didn't put one out because I never had them on our door when I was younger. But now I've made one that stays in the living room for the spring and summer and one that's on the door, same: spring/summer. Now I need a fall wreath. I've been looking around for inspiration, here's what I've found.

This is from Pinterest so I don't know who owns the image--if you know let me know and I'll add it. :)

      This is from I love the top left and middle left wreaths they are fall with out being only Halloween you know?

This comes from I love the little sign inside the wreath.

And this last one is from I think the simple design looks nice and quick to make too.

Do you put out a wreath?

Which do you like?

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