Wednesday, July 25, 2012

People's people

As we write we try to develop characters who our readers will relate to. We want the reader to cry laugh and worry with our characters right?...... RIGHT! :) So how do you do that? 

I have three ideas:

1- Believable reactions
Allow the teen age girl to wallow a bit after loosing her love-of-the-moment boyfriend, or walk on air when the guy of her dreams asks her out. We can relate to those reactions, we might even remember feeling like that ourselves.
2-Don't over use your emotion words
If they only shrug, feel butterflies and bite their lip to show emotion the reader is limited in feeling that deep down too. (And you wanna make them feel it deep down.)
3-Be True
IF your character arc is from shy to bold don't let the character stand up to the school bully in the first act, work your way there. If it feels outside the characters realm of behavior the reader will notice and be pulled out of the world you're sharing.

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