Thursday, February 23, 2012

Photos and Writing

I am the type of person who is greatly effected by visual, audio, and textile stimulation. I've always learned better with hands-on lessons. I'm sure to some my writing blog full of music videos doesn't connect and seems misplaced, but they are two peas in a pod for me. I can't think of what to write without music playing and inspiring me and I can't help but think up a story for every song I hear. It's the same for photos. I see a whole world encased a snapshot and can find a storyline in every painting. I frequently stroll through local art galleries and always come out with notes and ideas for current WIP and new projects.

So lets play a game. Try to think up a short synopsis for each photo, It'll get your creative side going and you may just think up the next New York Times Bestseller. :)
Here goes:

How did it go?

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Donna K. Weaver said...

I'm visual, too. I did a photoshopped picture of my island and how everything mapped out. I'd post the picture where I could see it while I was writing scenes there.