Monday, December 19, 2011

Transcendent Review

So a few writers I adore have put together a compilation of short stories. I really liked that I could read one quickly while the little one napped and another before bed or whenever I had time again. They are all paranormal, which I prefer and throw in a little kissing and romance? I am SO there! Pick up a copy and kick back for a few mins or read through them all in an afternoon. It's a great read. :)

How can you get your hands on this fabulous book? It's simple, follow your favorite link:

· Paperback on Amazon: Coming Soon for $10.99! (When it does the address will be:

· Paperback on Barnes and Noble: Coming Soon!

· eBook on Kindle: Purchase today for $0.99!

    eBook on Nook: Coming Soon!

· Goodreads:

· Facebook:!/pages/Transcendent-Tales-of-the-Paranormal/255603224494043

· Book Club Discussion:

This is a linky list to the blogs of the authors who contributed to Transcendent.

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Wendy Swore said...

Deanna! Thank you for your awesome review! I'm glad you liked it!I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!