Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Lets caught up...

 So, many of you entered the giveaway during the blog hop and are waiting patiently for the winner to be announced and others are wondering what happened with the normal posts...Tuesday and Friday at least right? The simple answer is that we were hit with a rather nasty flu bug and I'll spare you the details but none of us wanted to really move, stand, lift arms whatever, during all that so the computer was sadly ignored. I still have an inbox bursting at it's (techy?) seams. Here goes,

The lucky winner is BJ. I'll get that gift card email to you. Happy spending! To everyone else, Thank you for entering and please stop by again and see what's going on. there is always something interesting and often there's a contest/giveaway.

And it is Tuesday so the Author Spotlight is Heather Brewer.
Author of the Vladimir Tod Chronicles and more recently The Slayer Chronicles.
Man, I love these books. Vlad has a excellent sense of humor and a stellar best friend. The books are on the short side but, they are action packed and you will adore the characters by the 2nd page. I think they are good for a reluctant reader male, or female. Check them out!


Carlajo said...

Sorry you got mugged by that virus. I felt like a red-neck visitor to the ghetto when we had it.

BJ said...

I'm sorry to hear you all had the flu :(
I don't wish that on anybody (well...maybe some ex-boyfriends...LOL)
I'm glad you all are better and thank you so much for the gift card...it was a nice surprise in my email :0)