Friday, September 16, 2011

Writing, some more.

So I like writing. Not just as in stories and novels, but just generally and with PAPER! :) I like to change my strokes to form the letters differently and to copy the typography of someone else. You know, how their e is loopy or straight the a is type style or with a long curled tail etc...
I also really like hand written letters sent through the mail or hand delivered with salted caramels---yes, I am a wanna-be Martha.

The girlies at home are starting to notice and want to write more as well. They jot little notes on scraps they find, in the notebooks they are given but that is starting to not be enough. They now want the fancy papers like I have. Stationary. So I got on the web and surfed. Here's what I found:
On etsy

It contains:
6 printed cards to colour
6 blank cards
6 sheets of printed writing paper
6 sheets of coloured paper
1 set of 12 coloured pencils
3 mini wooden stamps (designs will vary)
1 sheet of 'stamp' stickers.
Cute? Yes!

And this:

Fill in the blank thank you cards!

Sorry, no picture. The site won't let me. But check them out, they are terribly cute. I think they are just perfect for little hands just starting to write. I like that they encourage thoughtful thank yous after receiving a gift--lost art!

So, what do you do to encourage little kiddos or not so little kiddos to WRITE?


Donna K. Weaver said...

I hate writing. But it's a pain thing. I've got some arthritis in my right thumb and recurring tendonitis in my right hand. Handwriting things KILLS.

Enjoy it while you can.

Canda said...

I don't know what it is about paper products, but I LOVE them. I have a whole drawer of blank note cards, endless varieties of sticky notes (Did you know they make half-page notes?), several journals and cases of notebooks.