Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday Feature

So I'm going to do a little something new. Every Friday I'm going to feature a song I like, a band that's good or a video that is just plain awesome.

So for the first video I thought I would share a band that's new to me, The Band Perry. They are a trio from Alabama and they are siblings  :)  They sing country and also get a little play on the top 40 stations. They recently won AMC's Top New Artist. I love a pure sounding female lead so this band is already a favorite of mine. Their current #1 hit is If I Die Young, Check it out!

Here is the YouTube link for the video 'If I Die Young':
This is the band website:

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Canda said...

The cute boyfriend kinda looks like the boy on iCarly--but grown up a bit. What do you think? Maybe?